Shipping and Refund Policy

Living in the UK means that shipping to places like the USA and Canada, ect. will be more expensive than normal. However I do try to make my shipping as cheap as possible for everyone as well as keeping it ECO friendly and protective of your purchases as possible.

Buying "Standard" shipping DOES NOT come with a tracking number.

I do not have set shipping days, however our processing times are approximately between 1-2 weeks. I do have a disability so sometimes shipping will take a bit longer if I am ill.


Shipping is based on the weight of your item as well as the size of the letter / parcel I am sending. There is also a small amount of each shipping price that goes towards boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap and tissue paper. 


UK shipping will take approximately between 1-7 days to arrive. Sometimes 2nd Class can take up to 2 weeks on occasion.

International shipping will take between 1-10 weeks to arrive.



I am NOT responsible for any damage caused or lost items by The Royal Mail, USPS or any other shipping company, or any customs charges. You agree to these terms when placing your order. Meaning I do not offer refunds or replacements when items arrive broken or are lost in transit. Please take this up with your postal service.


If you are unhappy with your purchase and would like a replacement (and I agree to it after sufficient proof is shown), I do ask that you send your item BACK to me IN ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION and pay shipping. A replacement will not be sent out to you until it has arrived back in my possession. If you send back the item WITHOUT tracking and it gets lost in the post, I am NOT responsible for this. This is to cover me losing money, thank you for understanding. This is only if you received an item that you, and I, believe if not in the condition you paid for.


I do not give out refunds for any reason.


Please remember that I am only a person behind this business, and sadly do not have the resources to instantly refund or remake a product lost or damaged by a postal service company. If you provide sufficient evidence that your item has been lost or broken then there may be exceptions to these terms but it is my prerogative to decide whether to refund or send another item. Thank you for understanding.