General Information and Regularly Asked Questions

- I do not accept returns or refunds after purchasing.

- If you do not receive a confirmation email or don't get a postage update email within one week, please check your spam mail!

- All of my items are made out of RESIN, not glass.

- Sometimes air bubbles arrive on the surface or on the inside of a piece however I do not think of these as imperfect, but they add character to each piece.

- All of my items are 2D unless specified as I pour my resin into a mould, sort of like how candles and soaps are made! (I regularly use candle and soap moulds).

- Making my pieces can take between 24 hours and 1 week, it totally depends on how big the project is, how many layers of resin I have to pour, and if it goes correctly the first time.

- If you are interested in custom orders please DM me via Twitter (@sunflowrdog) or email me at jess.pearce@icloud.com with the subject title as CUSTOM ORDER. 

- I use either ArtResin or Resin4Decor as my resin.

- All of the insects I use are DEAD, and died from cruelty free reasons. They are provided by various shops on Etsy all across the globe. I also get them from official Taxidermy websites.


Q: Why are most of your butterflies closed?

A: Because I am yet to learn how to set butterflies (I am getting a butterfly setting set for Christmas!) and buying spread winged butterflies are a lot more expensive.


Q: Why are your pieces so expensive?

A: In the resin community, I actually under price my art. I try to include shipping costs in my price too. Right now I am only starting to make a profit on my art. For the first few months, I was making a loss. Resin is very expensive. Buying a set of resin that will last me maximum 1 week costs £50. That means that I need to make £50 profit each time that I do an update to at least be able to afford my new resin. Plus, I include my other items like flowers, bugs, chains, clasps, glitter ect. and my own personal time into my pricing.